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Contessa has been working for the firearm industry for over 40 years acquiring invaluable know how, experience and understanding of what hunters and shooters really want and need. We have used all this knowledge while designing our proprietary Quick Release Mounting System.


Our mounts are all machined from solid blocks of the best materials. Bodies and rings are in the same Ergal 75 light alloy used in the firearm and aeronautical industries.

After machining, all bodies and rings undergo a special nickel-based chemical treatment that enhances physical properties such as corrosion and wear resistance. Surface color can vary as per customers’ requests.Rings come in different diameters: 1”, 26 mm, 30 mm & 40 mm.


Our patented mechanism is machined from a solid block of special steel alloy 18NiCrMo5. All its components are hardened and blued. The Deluxe version comes with a very fancy chrome plated surface.


Our QD mount comes standard with an additional safety button to keep it in place securely once locked on the gun.


Accuracy and reliability are 100% guaranteed.



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